How to make money online the idiot guide to Google Adsense success.


How to make money online – The idiot guide to Google Adsense success


Wonder how people make money online? The article below show you the step by step to register adsense and start make money online…


What is adsense???


Basic Info: Advertisements that run by Google.  Google will pay you when you display their advertisement on your web page / site, Google also pay for every click on their advertisement thru your account.

More Info: Google AdSense is an ad serving program run by Google. Website owners can enroll in this program to enable text, image and, more recently, video advertisements on their sites.


Tell me how to stat make money online???


Ok… first you need the web page to put / display the adsense advertisement.  Start to think like a writer… develop web contents… but before you start to develope web contents you need to know the customer / web user that come to your web site and start going to click the advertisement on your web site.


a.)    What customers want??? – remember that on the internet there is so many web pages… millionth of them… you need to compete with them… but don’t worry about this so much… remember -  make sure that your web contents using English language, and never ever copying other web page contents (morally wrong and dislike by search engine)

b.)    What Advertisement that going to display on your web page??? – the value that you going to earn from the advertisement or every click that you got are base on the advertisement that display on your site.. Note… the advertisement that display on your web page is base on your web contents.



Where to put my Web Page content???


1st. . Register free email from or – for mail only..

2nd. For beginner… it is recommended to start with blog… free blog to be specific.  Now register

3rd  Note that for your blog address (URL)… make sure that it meets the web page contents and the advertisement need.

Good example: – the page contains Linux and Windows configuration example. – the web page about the configuration, installation and setup for open source software.


Bad example: – the web page on the information using Linux and windows operating system. – the c, c++ programming web site.


Never: -- put your name… why ??? who are you??? Why should people looking for you on the internet… you can put your name if you are Hollywood movie star… J


4th Start post your contents to your blog. English language please… if possible make thousand of web contents…

5th if you have more then 10 pages …. You can start to register to adsense…

6th  Wait until your site been review by Google… until then make and make more and more web page.

7th If you have been accepted to using adsense… edit and put the adsense code on your web page…

8th Post your url to search engines to be index… Why need to be indexed??? so other people can find your web site if they using the search engines.

a) Google -

b) Yahoo -

c) MSN -

d) DMOZ -


to be continue...


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